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Larry Mathews
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Larry Mathews


.... from a small village in the South West of Ireland on the Atlantic coast sings and plays Irish music as well as his own compositions on guitar, fiddle and bodhran.

He has toured all over the world, working on stage together with other Irish musicians such as the Furey Brothers and David Arthur, Dubliners, Christy Moore and Achim Reichel. Larry has performed in clubs, festivals as well as his own concerts in many countries in Europe, USA and Canada.
For many years he played together with his brother Terry. They made a very successful album entitled "A kiss in the morning early" and their second album they recorded as a band with two other musicians called "Mathews, Wilson and Doonan". Larry also joined a well known Kerry folk band called Spailpin who went to the heights of the Irish charts. Searching for a new challenge he became a solo performer working all over the world.

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