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Henning Wulf

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Henning was born and grew up in Hamburg and enjoy Irish music in the early 70s through visiting an old folk music pub called "Zwiebel".
"Weather Permitting" was the name of his first band. The members were all colleagues and meteorologists from the the Met Office in Hamburg. Later, in 1998 he joined the band "Triangle" and played many Irish folk concerts troughout Northern Germany.
Since the beginning of 2014, Henning is a member of the "Larry Mathews Blackstone Band" and brings his varied instruments into the "Larry Mathews sound". He plays whistles, banjo, mandolin, harmonica and the Irish bagpipe, the "Uilleann Pipes".

As a studio musician, he has also worked on CD productions by "Santiano" and "Hannes Wader", two well known German folk artists.

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